Tuesday, December 21, 2010


As with last night, I am just too tired to think of something even remotely witty or entertaining to caption this photo. Help yourselves.

Wit will return after the Christmas shopping season is over and I'm not working 60 hour work weeks.

Though, I can see Wit on the horizon, far in the distance, taunting me. "Nah, nah. As long as Tired is happy filling in for me, I am going on walk-about. See ya'."

Apparently Wit is Australian. Hmmmm, who knew?


Sue said...

Looks like they've actually tired themselves out.

houndstooth said...

"The first annual tryouts for Team Greyhound to replace Santa's reindeer turn out to be slightly uncoordinated. Time will tell if more practice improves synchronization!"

jcp said...

Your wit and mine may be vacationing together.. nice pic though.