Thursday, November 19, 2009


This post is really just about the photos. The dogs had a great time at play date. Enjoy. They did.

PS My guess is that some of these will be available as note cards in the very near future.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Number 3.

Dru and Raj - That's one big dog.

Kathy - Resting? Not for long.

Opal - Lazy days ahead.

Willow on the run.

Sunny happy boy.

Squeaky and his ears.

Jovi - treats?

Jovi - you did say treats.

Spats - The reach.

Willow - The hug.

Ike, Willow and Dru - Double team

Charlie, Willow and Jovi - Mine

Breeze - Bounding for joy

Willow - Time for a break.


Number 2.

Breeze out for a stroll
Breeze out for a run.

Breeze - Playing coy.

Willow - Again with that thing?

My girl Breeze - sepia

My girl Breeze - b/w

Breeze - Pillow fort

Breeze - Shy girl

Willow - Phhtttt

Dru - Mom! Look! Mom! Did you see me run?


As you know, I am a bit of a greyhound freak. OK I’ll admit it - obsessed really. I would have many more than my 3 if space permitted. So, the natural conclusion, if you have greyhounds and a penchant for taking photos, would be that there would be many, many, many, many (that’s not nearly enough ‘many’s’ but you get the idea) greyhound photos on your hard drive. (enough actually to warrant a separate external hard drive) It is like how peanut butter goes with chocolate. Hmmm, I could use a Reese’s right now…

Anyway, I digress.

I did, I mean, I do - have many photos of greyhounds: and a photography business. The amazing thing was it took a question from a friend to put the two (hobby and business not peanut butter and chocolate) together. “Why don’t you have greyhound note cards?” Again…hmmmmm.

So my first official ‘line’ of cards is the greyhound line. (heh. Another plug. You would think you were watching Josie and the Pussycats with all the ad placement. Which, by the way, you would watch often if it was the favorite movie of your favorite niece and you had movie nights often) But again – digressing.

So here we go. A line of greyhound cards. All note cards, an original photo attached to a heavy cardstock in either cream or white, come with envelopes. Prices are:

$3.00 each
4 for $10
or 12 for $25

As an added incentive, a portion of all proceeds for the greyhound cards will go to AGR (Arizona Greyhound Rescue) or GAL (Greyhound Adoption League).

Oh, one more thing. As I have mentioned before all my photos are un-enhanced. I now need to modify that statement as some of the greyhound photos have been edited. Mostly cropped to get the hounds more centered in the frame but there has been some removal of hands and legs of owners, etc. I have learned it is not easy to get an action shot of a greyhound running. Most of the photos I get are of blurry grass and the end of a tail. So…please note - all the fine art prints are still un-enhanced, the greyhound note cards have been modified.

Oh, a second one more thing…I’ve posted the photos in 3 separate posts for easy viewing. When you place an order let me know the caption and the post. This is post 1. Thanks!

Willow and Ike - Nom Nom Nom

Izzy - chasing the squeaky

Butters - (The anti-greyhound)

This photo was taken by my niece - so ... copyright Alexandra Morrison

Squeaky - HUH?

Izzy - Cool Rider

Jovi and Willow - Gotcha Covered.

Breezy and her squeaks

Willow, Breeze, Dru and Opal - Did you say "ride"?

Jovi and Charlie - "dude, move"