Monday, December 13, 2010


And thus convenes the 5th annual Retired Racing Greyhound Conference, held this year in sunny Tucson, Arizona. The constituents have a number of important topics to cover in their short time together. Including:
-Inadequate time for playdates: how to convince your human to go to the park each and every day.
-Debunking the misconceptions that greyhounds are hyper and skinny.
-The best way to get your human to accept the loss of all comfortable places in the house to recline upon after adoption of a greyhound.
and most importantly,
-The art of roaching, when is it considered exhibitionistic versus just simply a comfortable way to sleep.

Please take your couches, the conference is now in session.


Sue said...


Corbin said...

So great!

jcp said...

Very nice caption!

houndstooth said...

That probably is what they talk about!

"Alright! Which one of you wise guys farted?"