Friday, October 30, 2009


So in my last post, I mentioned how well Breeze is doing. Well, I accidentally tested that yesterday. I am back from a week long trip shooting photographs on the set of the TV show Meteorite Men, and picked the girls up from the dog resort (my friend’s house), where they are spoiled rotten with attention, plush dog beds, canned dog food, new squeaky toys, and a big yard that is perfect for greyhound crazy dog laps. Well, truth be told, when I have gone to pick up Willow there in the past she ignores me because when I show up it means she has to leave the luxury accommodations for the more basic lifestyle of home.

Reports on the dogs while they were there were that they were all getting into mischief. Someone (Breeze I’m looking at you) had jumped on the bed. There were laps around the house in the mornings. Then the stop and bark at each other to start the chase again. But, most importantly, Breeze going up to Mark – hanging out, getting snackys, letting him pet her – a huge accomplishment for her.

When I drove up to the house I thought they wouldn’t even recognize me. I might as well have had a face lift, eradicated my scent and become the invisible woman; for all that they would know me. “Aren’t you the person who used to chauffer us to the dog park in the mornings? Hmmm. Fine - fetch me my slippers and bring the car ‘round.”

But I was greeted with an absolute melee, pandemonium, bedlam, free-for-all. The cool part was that all 6 dogs were in the welcoming committee. Willow did play it off shortly after I arrived and went to lay on the doggie bed.

Anyway we got home and they all crashed out on the floor in the living room – not too far from me on the couch. Breeze had fallen asleep, deeply asleep, and I didn’t know she was out. I reached down to pet her. She went from asleep to awake and standing, by way of leaping straight up about 3 feet, in half a heart beat. The other dogs were then on their feet wondering what the commotion was all about. There was mass confusion. You would have thought I had jumped out at her wearing a guy mask and swinging a stick. It took a while to settle down the house. Then I goofed and turned off the ceiling fan (because it is freezing). She didn’t like that with the speed changed the fan blades were now visible. She eyed them cautiously and moved to the other room. 3 steps forward and 2 steps back.