Sunday, December 5, 2010


I love reading the comments you all leave on this blog. It is something I look forward to checking every day. One of the visitors that comments here most days is Houndstooth, Bunny's human. The daily posting of the comment is something I am quite sure is the same with the blogs of the majority of you as well. I know this because when I do get a chance to stroll the blogs, there is always a comment with a picture of a cute fawn greyhound sporting a pink background in the comments section before me. (Which is something I am absolutely amazed with; I can barely get a post up most days, never mind wandering all over the interwebs reading and commenting each day.)

Well Houndstooth is also Blueberry's human and Blueberry recently underwent a surgery to have a lump removed from her head. Come to find out it was cancerous and the vet seems to think there may be more of the mass remaining that needs to be removed with another surgery. The fine folks over at Frankie Furter and Schnauzer and Schnauzer! have set up an auction to help raise the funds necessary to pay for the surgery. You can link to the auction from the photo below.

There are a number of wicked cool things available at the auction; the most stunning and spectacular of which would be 3 fine art prints by yours truly. :) That's right 3, count them, 3! 8 x 10's available for your bidding pleasure. Might I just suggest you head on over there and snap those babies up right now! I will ship them overseas, so all you folks on other continents, get in there and bid those green papers! Below are the 3 images of the actual print you will be receiving when you win an (or all 3) auction (s).

" Curiosity"

"Treat Time?"

And the one I get the most comments on: "The Ride" featuring Willow, Breeze, Drusilla and Opal.

Thanks for bidding and good luck!


houndstooth said...

Oh my gosh! Every day, it seems like, there is something new that goes up there that just amazes me! Thank you so much for donating to the auction and for mentioning it. Blueberry means the world to us, and it has touched me more than I can say that so many people and dogs have been willing to help her out!

Sue said...

Great post. Houndstooth is a regular visitor to my blog as well and I love reading about Bunny, Blueberry, Lilac and Morgan.

Fab prints for the auction.