Thursday, August 13, 2009

Play Date

We (the girls and I) have been meeting with two different greyhound play date groups a couple of time a week. (Though both Willow and Dru have cuts on their front paws so to their dismay they have been grounded from the past few play dates.) During a recent visit, I was busy with the camera; well actually I’m always busy with the camera when there are dogs around. My friends haven’t finished a conversation with me since we’ve started meeting. “Oh, photo op, be right back”, tends to be the abrupt end to many a story. I do send out photos in an attempt to make up for that rudeness.

We have a few new dogs that have joined our weekend group as of late. My 3 girls had a grand time meeting the 4 new ‘it’ dogs for the first time. The subsequent running, playing and all around silliness enabled me to fill up almost one and a half 2 gig scan disks with photos. Heh.