Friday, July 2, 2010


Have I mentioned just how much they love running the fence with the other dogs? For the most part they have even learned how to just run and not start a minor war. I just went many places in my head - "The War Among Breeds, next on the History Channel. Though Greylandia had soldiers that were far faster than the Muttrovia soldiers, their need for soft resting places and lots of naps was a serious problem the generals had to contend with. As for the Mutrovians they were easily distracted by yellow tennis balls. It wasn't a long war, more of a skirmish really."


houndstooth said...

Hee hee hee!

"But in the end, the Greyhounds used their secret weapon, Gas Attacks, and the Muttrovians were forced to retreat in defeat..."

Canine Behavior Training said...

Not in defeat, the Muttrovians came to realize that their preference for yellow balls was an advantage. They turned around and started lobbing them over the fence.

Deena said...

Except for one tenacious, short legged Muttrovian who persisted with direct attacks to the hind quarters of the Greyhounds' commanders.