Saturday, July 10, 2010


I know I have already posted the photo for the day, but (and looking at this photo, that's a big butt) I was going through a set of photos I forgot I had taken and found this one. (I know: "sheesh how can she forget what she takes?" Typically I don't, I'm looking through the images the minute I get home. These were taken the morning I left for my week long location photo shoot (see my other blog). So yes, I did completely forget about these until this morning. Sweet! It's like putting on your winter coat and finding money in the pocket.) This picture made me laugh out loud when I saw Dru's butt swinging off to the side. Apparently the toy engaged a defensive force field as she was running by. Or perhaps she practicing her gymnastics floor routine. I though it needed to be shared for weekend giggles. Enjoy!

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houndstooth said...

Oh Dru! Someday you're going to sue for pain and suffering! If you want to relocate to Illinois, feel free!