Tuesday, July 20, 2010


More information is coming to light about the Fort Worth animal abuse case. Examiner.com has run an article providing more information about the condition of the dogs and the rescue groups that have taken them in. To sum up: there were 7 different rescue groups that have accepted the 29 dogs (originally 28 dogs, but another one was found later); including GALT, GU, Texas Italian Greyhound Rescue (TIGR) (you can read about it on their site here and here), All Breed Rescue of Houston, Colin County Humane Society (link to one of the dogs they have - warning graphic photos), Saluki Tree of Life Alliance (STOLA) and Its a Grey Place of Louisiana. The dog breeds included greyhounds, Deerhounds, a Saluki and Saluki crosses. Please help out any way you can. Thanks.


houndstooth said...

I've heard that some of the GALT dogs are starting to quit eating. There's a lot of worry over them!

whygreyhounds said...

I hope these dogs make it through OK, its just plain wrong that this sort of thing ever happens. :-(