Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Most of my posts on this blog are light hearted and fun. I do that because I wanted this blog to focus on what I know and that is the joys of greyhound adoption after the greys find their adoptive family rather than what happens BAH (Before Adoptive Home). I strayed from that a bit last week when I posted about the Texas animal cruelty case involving 17 greyhounds (29 dogs total). After reading about the case on one of my favorite blogs, Tales and Tails, and doing a little more research, I was sickened, angry and very motivated to get the word out to as many people as I could; which resulted in the emails and blog and facebook posts.

Much to my surprise, Life With Dogs stopped by here and left a comment “Will do my best to help…”. I was thrilled. With such a huge following, anything posted on Nigel’s site would generate far more interest than my tiny blog (read by all of about 20 people. Thank you, btw!) and hopefully, and most importantly, generate some donations to help these greyhounds. In anticipation, I’ve checked the Life With Dogs site every day since, multiple times; nothing. Not even a mention. Well, damn. I figured they were just too busy over there.

Then yesterday rolled around and there was this little post. I was right, they were just too busy over there, because they were planning a charity auction with Carpe Canem! All proceeds go to the two greyhound rescue organizations that took in the abused greys, GALT and GU. Included in the auction with be the last Flat Nigel print; and it is an artist’s proof no less.

I have also donated a few items; packs of greyhound note cards featuring some of the images you have seen on this very blog, and two different 8 X 10 prints; one of “Treat Time?” (featured below) and one of “The Ride” (the masthead for this blog, scroll up) The auction will start on Thursday, July 22 and run through Wednesday, July 28. So go over there and bid and bid often!

Click here to go to the auction. There are already a large number of items to preview.

A big thank you should go out to Life With Dogs, Carpe Canum and all the other organizations that are donating items to the auction.

“Will do my best to help…” Sheesh, what an understatement. If everyone did their best like this, I can’t even imagine how much could be accomplished.

Treat Time?


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Very cool!

houndstooth said...

I knew plans were in the works over there! We were actually brainstorming over there a little bit last night. I think there's a second auction that's going to be held next week, too, hosted by 2 Hounds Designs aution site. I am so hopeful that there will be a lot of money raised to help support those very needy hounds! The more people talk about it and spread the word, the more it will help!

I'll be looking for those notecards in the auction, but I always get outbid, which is a good thing for the groups that need the money!