Saturday, August 14, 2010


Blog hop! Welcome and thanks for stopping by. The girls would like to invite you come on in, take the tour and relax for snacks. They are serving water and biscuits, and if they really like you, they may even give up a bully stick. There's even available dog beds. Pretty much everything you could want to be comfortable during your visit. So pull up a cushion and stay for a while.

Excuse me for a moment, we have a bit of a disturbance...

Breeze come back here with that bully stick, we have company.

Dru please stop roaching and displaying your lady parts to the nice visitor.

Willow, off!


1 comment:

Ben and Carrie Tracks said...

Hello there....glad to have come across your blog and excited to follow the life and times of your 4 pups :)