Friday, August 20, 2010


It gives you just a little pause when you see a madly sprinting greyhound coming right for you. Stand still and you are OK, they will go right by. (Usually. My friend with the shattered ankle will argue that point after being taken out by a pack of greys who weren't paying attention.) Move and you're done for. The best part of having one that likes to do run-bys is that you get to see what they look like coming right at you. Looks a little off her rocker, doesn't she?


Canine Behavior Training said...

A pack of pit bulls playing and not paying attention isn't any fun either :) My knee was in a brace for four days after getting body slammed by two pits having the time of their life chasing each other.

This morning Dylan decided to have a crazy dog few laps around the dog park. At one point he was coming straight for me on the other side of the fence and looked just like this pic of Dru :)

Corbin said...

Cool picture!

houndstooth said...

"I'll get you my pretty! Wait until you see my Greyhound minions!"

I miss having a flyby girl! It nearly gave my husband a heart attack when she did it, but I loved watching her!