Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Picture stories:

Marvin "It's mine!"
Mahalo "Nope, I'm gonna get it."
(Please note green squeaks above their noses, camouflaged slightly in the trees.)

Marvin "It's here. I know it is."
Mahalo "I know, I just saw it."
(Please note green squeaks bouncing away unaccosted to the left of the boys.)

Marvin: "I know you have it. Give it back."

Mahalo: "I know you're hiding it. Where is it?"

Marvin: "Wait. You don't have it?"

Mahalo: "I thought you had it. Hold on. Look again. It was just here."


Sue said...

Call yourself Sight Hounds:)

houndstooth said...

Could it be? The first ever near-sighted sighthounds!

jet said...

HAHAH sighthounds need glasses!