Saturday, May 14, 2011


My blog has a case of the mysterious disappearing comments. I know there were comments on Thursday's post (which were all quite amusing, thanks for making me laugh.). Friday I viewed my blog and all the comments were gone. Poof. An impressive feat of slight of hand. I have no idea where they went. I hadn't been on the site, so for once it could not have been operator error. I acknowledge it is not as significant a mystery as say the Great Pyramids or how the girls can dig a 4 foot trench in the back yard in under 2 minutes, however, it is still quite baffling.

So Jovi is on the case and trying to puzzle out where the comments have disappeared to. Though he's a bit of a conspiracy nut, so his suggestions are trending along the lines of it being the work of The Secret Order of the Fraternal Pet Blogging Comment Disruptive Action Initiative (SOFPBCDAI for short) or Marvin and Mahalo were embarrassed by their blatant display of sighthound fail being posted for all the interwebs to see and somehow hacked the account. He would like to know if anyone else having similar issues? Maybe you found random comments about dogs not being very good sighthounds in your comment section. If so, those belong here, give them back.

We are participating in the Saturday Pet Blog Hop against Jovi's recommendation. He feels the blog hop is a conspiracy to form a large supportive pet blogging community and recommends you hop at your own risk. We tried to tell him he was in fact correct in his theory and were met with disbelief that someone actually agreed with him. Then he wondered why we were agreeing with him; lulling him into a false sense of compliance to relocate the squeaks? Maybe trying to get close so we could give him a bath? The ramble went on and on. Told you, little bit of a nut.


Sue said...

Blogger had a slight nervous breakdown Thursday afternoon and lost lots of things including comments. Let's hope it's soon back to normal.

We should get together for a digging contest. Our Bailey can dig amazing trenches very fast and make all the dirt disappear so that Dad can't fill them in again.
Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

Winnie said...

Yep, Sue's right. Blogger had a slight nervous breakdown and lost some of our comments too.

I feel sorry for those organised people who had scheduled blogs ready to post and lost them.

But it makes you realise what a lot we get from Blogger usually for free and it does seem to be back to normal now.

Have a lovely weekend

Love Winnie

K-Koira said...

Following you now from the Saturday Pet Blog Hop!

houndstooth said...

Jovi, it was Blogger messing up! You can go back to your regularly scheduled nap and stop worrying about the missing comments!

Sue said...

Had some of my comments disappear as well. then when blogger sorted itself out, I had some comments repeated.

Of course it could also be aliens:) LOL