Sunday, March 6, 2011


Marvin (in the lovely brindle coat) can get some pretty serious air. I've been trying to capture him with all 4s off the ground for a while now. Typically with the assistance of his Mom and a teasing squeaky toy. She, of course, got him to do a major flying leap earlier when I was turned away. So we tried again. Little did we know Marvin was about to be completely upstaged by a new visitor to our group today, fresh off the track (and still at racing weight - that is why she looks so skinny) and in foster to adopt.

It went a little like this:

Marvin: "Stop dangling that thing above my head and just give it to me."
Rowena: "Hmmmm. That looks like a tempting squeaks."

Rowena: "MINE!"
Marvin: "Dude!"

Marvin: "WTF, newbie?"
Rowena: "What?"

I've never seen a greyhound leap like that. We were completely surprised (as, it appears, was Marvin). It was awesome!

(On another note - see how attractive those screaming monkeys are to the greys? Go buy one and support greyhound rescue!) :-)


jet said...

Hah oh she is gorgeous. And springy!!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE HER! We have decided to give her more time and try to work the cat appetite away. I know a trainer up here that is willing to help. Fingers crossed!!

houndstooth said...

I heart Rowena! Thank gosh she's available all the way down in Tucson and I'm so far away! The picture of her innocent face at the end is so classic!

Sue said...

Should be called Tigger:)

Canine Behavior Training said...

Cara says tell Suzanne that there isn't a Rotti mix, Boxer mix or Pit mix playing with a monkey in the photo album !!!