Thursday, June 25, 2009

Soap, Suds and Wet Dog Smell

I spent a good portion of Sunday June 14th at the Arizona Greyhound Rescue (AGR) bi-annual fundraising dog wash – raising cash for the poochies, word has it almost $3,000 was raised. That’s a lot of dog washing. It was my job to capture the event on film (or disk as it were). My niece, who had spent the evening at my house for one of our movie nights, accompanied me. She was given her own camera and set loose on the dogs and owners. Though she brushed a cactus and ended spending most of the day picking cactus spines out of her shirt and skin (the tiny ones so that really sucked), was hot and bored after a few hours, still managed to captured a number of great images. Some of which I will post next time.

Since I was working I did not bring my 3 girls down to the event, though after the mud puddle rolling they did the day before, they could have used a wash. So anyway…I got to spend 4 hours hanging out with more dogs than I could count, it was heaven. There were mostly greyhounds, but a large number of other dogs were in the mix as well. It is weird to see so many dogs together and not hear any (or much) barking. So this post is here so I can put up a number of photos from the wash. That’s it. Not much else to say.

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