Friday, May 25, 2012


So this blog has veered way off course over the past few weeks from (mostly) the simple fun photos of greyhounds doing silly things, running, and looking majestic to injury reports and rainbow bridge postings.


So I've decided what is needed is a serious shot of disgusting cuteness. Overwhelming adorableness. Delightful awkwardness. Heart-stopping charm. I'm talking about photos so sweet, they make your teeth hurt. (more so even than the brownie sundae I had today) What type of photos could achieve such incredible results, you ask?

Easy ... puppy photos!

My sister, Beth, has started the puppies in their training classes, puppy classes to be exact, with our good friend Jamie from Seize the Leash. Now Beth has been doing quite a bit of training at home already, but this was the first time they were in a new environment. Ooooo, can we say distractions?!?

Roo is the golden and Ava is black. Roo is a bit more adventurous. Ava likes to hang back and assess the situation. The are inseparable and if one goes off to explore the other will follow within a few seconds. They did great and had quite a bit of fun. But not as much fun as the humans watching their uncoordinated explorings.


Sue said...

So cute.

houndstooth said...

Oh, that much cuteness on one blog is strictly forbidden! You can't show us all that cuteness without the disclaimers about the perils of living with the little landsharks!