Sunday, October 16, 2011


Woot! The Retired From Racing, Not From Life book is here!!! Well it was actually here a little while ago, but I’ve just now gotten 'round to posting that – Woot! The Retired From Racing, Not From Life book is here!!! (I blame the posting delay on the recent travel) It is loaded with 79 color pages of greyhound-y goodness. Phenomenal photos and artwork revolving around greyhounds. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Oh, snap. Yes it does!

May I mention - 100% of the profits raised from the sale of each book are donated to the GHWP – the Greyhound Health & Wellness Program at Ohio State University. Oh yes, better, much better.

And though all the images in the book are wonderful, the two dog-eared pages in my copy of the book are, of course, the ones featuring my photos. My Mom is so proud.

If you haven’t yet ordered yourself a copy, head on over to the Retired From Racing, Not From Life blog and do so. It is a great book for your greyhound library.


houndstooth said...

You bet I already have my copy! And I took it to dinner tonight to show it to my mom! lol

What Remains Now said...

I purchased mine at Dewey Beach from Kellie Oliphant-Burns, and I love it! It is a must-have.

jet said...

I got the hard copy. It is gorgeous, but my favorite is still the cover art! Greyhounds with wings.... so apt!