Thursday, May 30, 2013


It is amazing to me how quickly time passes. I have a hard time believing that almost  3 weeks have gone by without a post. During that time we've had a couple of greyhound health issues.

Dru had a seizure. She's OK now, but we are not sure what caused it. The only way to find out is to do a $3,000 cat scan and unfortunately, after the vet bills (and my medical bills) accumulated the past 6 months, it is way out of financial range.

Then this week, Breeze split the webbing on her foot. It was finally stitched up yesterday by my normal vet, after I walked out of the emergency vet office just before the surgery the previous night. During the exam by the emergency vet, she pushed up on the split webbing and I watched as the tear spread from just the bottom of the webbing all the way to the top. When my normal vet was working on it, he said the webbing was too damaged to repair it and he would have to stitch the sides and leave the toes free-floating. (my not- so-technical terms not his)  To know the first vet contributed to the damage fires me up.

Anyway, to greet you back after our hiatus - Breeze after surgery yesterday. Feeling the effects of the drugs. It was an epic drool. She would be so upset if she knew I posted this to the internet. ;)


Anonymous said...

Aww, glad everyone's okay now! Love that drool picture!!

Elyse and Riley

Sue said...

Was only thinking yesterday that you'd not been on fora while and hoped things were ok with you.

So glad Dru is ok after the seizure.

Poor Breeze. Don't blame you for walking out on the emergency vet. Hope it all heals up quickly.

Breeze did look like she was feeling a bit rough.

Random Felines said...

Poor Breeze - at least the drugs were good.....

Hope you and Dru are feeling better soon.

What Remains Now said...

Poor sweeties! Paws crossed for no more seizures and a quick recovery. Thinking of you.

jet said...

wow, sounds like it's been a bit of a crazy time!!!

gyeong said...

Eek. More vet bills. We're thinking of looking into pet insurance soon.