Saturday, January 19, 2013


We've been away from the blogging community for a while now as we work to settle in to the new house and deal with a whole slew of greyhound injuries and illness. (More on that later). I thought I would have Breeze, her Chiclet teeth, and monstrous schnoz steaming up the lens welcome us back to the interwebs.

Hi interwebs.

Just a quick anyone else having a hard time uploading photos to their blog? I had to sneak in the back way, by posting the photo to the Picasso site rather than just uploading them from the "insert photo" link on the Blogger site. Have I just been away for too long and this is now how it is done and there isn't an option to load photos directly from your computer as before? Or is Blogger just coincidentally down the first day we return? Thanks for any help on this.


Sue said...

Lovely to have you back with us.

I haven't been able to upload photos the usual way for a couple of weeks now. I have to use the HTML, instead of Compose.

Sure looking forward to seeing you blogging more and hearing about your new3 home and how the dogs are doing.

houndstooth said...

Hi Breeze!

I don't use Blogger anymore, so I'm no help!

jet said...

i have run out of space for photos on my blogger account so I am uploading to dropbox and using the img src tag in html to put pics on my blog at the moment!

gyeong said...

Steamy Chiclets. I haven't had any issues uploading photos, but I don't post that often either.