Saturday, April 7, 2012


After the unexpected and devastating loss of their beloved Bailey on Monday (thank you for the comments on the blog post, it was difficult for her to read, but they helped immensely), my sister said her house was simply not the same; the energy was different and it was much too quiet. It was eerily silent, like a haunted house and the family were zombies roaming the halls. For such a small dog, Bailey, had a monstrously large personality.

Beth's older dogs stopped doing much and everyone was depressed. Beth has spent much of this week in tears. Her house is always a mass of commotion; people coming and going, dogs playing. She decided the quiet was just too much and there needed to be puppy energy in the house again. So we went to the Humane Society yesterday to see if they had any dogs she might fall in love with.

They did.

Turned in just the day before, a litter of 8 shar pei/lab 12 week old puppies. It was love at first wobble-to-you-and-crawl-in-your-lap sight.

Meet the newest members of the house:


and Roo.

They were a little worn out by all the excitement and fell asleep in my niece's lap mid-way through the adoption proceedings.

They will go to their new home this afternoon after their spay surgery. The Humane Society worker had to pry them out of arms wrapped around wrinkly soft fur so the pair could go back to the cage for the evening.

My niece, Alex, and Roo

Think they are going to be spoiled much?


verobirdie said...

Oh dear! Aren't they cute! It must have been v ery difficult to leave them for the night. And I'm sure the house will be full of energy.

Sue said...

So glaqd out of the sadness of Bailey going, two more hounds will have a forever home.

They are so cute.

gyeong said...

Oh how cute! Two puppies at once? That's brave.

Bassetmomma said...

Welcome Ava and Roo!! They are adorable. Have a Happy Easter!

What Remains Now said...

How exciting! What a tribute to Bailey!

jcp said...

Nothing in the world quite like puppies