Saturday, December 17, 2011


The folks over at The Houston Pittie Pack (Kissa-bull) had a house fire Thursday night and lost not only their home, but 5 of their 7 dogs. A chip-in account has been set up to help them in their time of need. Please donate, it doesn’t matter the amount, big or small, it all will help. I'm not technically savvy enough to get the chip-in widget on my blog, so here's a link to Mayzie's Dog Blog who is savvy enough to have the widget.

Both Pip and Coco the Princes and her sisters will be hosting comment-a-thons today; they will donate .50 for every comment posted.

I personally can’t imagine the pain this family is going through. I would be absolutely devastated. Even if you don’t follow the Kissa-Bull blog, please stop by and leave a message.

The pet blogging community never ceases to amaze me with how supportive it is. I would say now is definitely the time to show it more than ever.



Sue said...

How awful. Can't imagine what the family are feeling.

Talking Dogs said...

Just thinking about this stuns me. I cannot imagine how they must feel.

Bassetmomma said...

Such a horrible thing. How wonderful of the blog community to pitch in and help!