Monday, November 28, 2011


As you may have noticed, I've been away from the blogging world for quite some time, an eternity really. OK, OK, it's been less than a week. BUT, I know it has felt like much more than that for you gentle reader. (Fanciful, I know, just humor me here, 'K?) Yet somehow you have managed to survive without your daily dose of greyhound. Sorry about those DTs. :)

Since I've been gone so long, and you have been suffering so terribly (see above re -"fanciful") I thought we would do a multiple photo post. A picture story, though significantly longer than picture stories of the past. It's a good and grand story. A story with fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, and miracles. So try to stay awake.

OK, not really. Dogs can't fence. No opposable thumbs.

It begins with a new alligator (monster) squeaks. Dillon was immediately enamored (giants - he's really tall) and began the love affair (true love) immediately.

However, Willow was very interested in the new squeaks. One might even say she was a little, make that, a lot, jealous.

She waited until Dillon was not looking and made off with the squeaks. (torture for Dillon to have lost his true love) She was also enamored (see, more true love) and joyous in her new found squeaks.

Then, inconceivably, there was more interest in the new squeaks.

And a chase ensued.

Willow thought she had escaped, but her pursuers were dogged in their determination to obtain the new attraction.

She was surprised at their stealth and persistence.

Fortunately, Willow knew of many back roads through greylandia and took a short cut.

The Brute Squad, angry with losing their target, began fighting amongst themselves.

And Willow managed to escape with her new squeaks to live happily ever after. (miracle)

But little did Willow know RJ, exacting revenge for his brother Dillon, waited patiently until Willow had to run errands, leaving the squeaks alone and unprotected. He stormed the castle and

though Willow rushed back to the squeaks, RJ had already liberated it.

But, as RJ was escaping the castle's front gate, Willow's new hired thug Rudy attempted an intercept. A fight ensued.

RJ, with his determination, excellent fencing :) skills and speed escaped Willow and her minions and rushed to return Dillon's true love to him.

Unfortunately, Dillon and his new true love did not ride away into the sunset on 4 white horses. RJ took the long route home, was waylaid at the closest gambling establishment and due to imbibing considerable quantities of ale he lost the squeaks in a game of cards.

The end.


What Remains Now said...

What a great photo story. I could feel the excitement and laughed out loud. That is one prized gator.

houndstooth said...

All gators should be loved so much! *sniff*

It's good to see you back!

Kari in Vegas said...

We all need a break sometimes

Stop on by for a visit

Sue said...

Love the story, but you shoulod have started with Once upon a time....:)

Hiking Hounds said...

I love it! A true romance.