Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So listen up, here’s the scoop (I put that intro in just so I could tie in the photo below, a cheap ploy but used nonetheless. Sigh, what I won’t do to add a photo to a post.) A few months ago I was contacted by Marshal Zeringue of Coffee with a Canine and asked if I wouldn’t mind doing an interview for his blog.

A little suspicious as to why someone would want to interview me, since I just shoot photos of dogs and put them on the interwebs, I thought I better do a tad of research before answering. I went over to his blog to check things out. It seemed pretty legit; I mean there was actually a blog at the end of the provided link. We were off to a good start. Then I started reading the interviews which featured people like author Gini Koch, photographer Katie Campbell, author Beverly Varnado, professional dog musher Karen Ramstead (Who has 65 dogs! Whoa and damn.) and Jenn Waters of Corbins’ Blog, and I thought “Alright who’s punking me?”

But as it turns out, for some inexplicable reason, the request was serious, (which I wasn't 100 percent sure of until I actually saw it posted today.) and I had a great time answering the questions; a number of which haven't been addressed on this blog.

The interview has been posted on Marshal’s site. So please head on over and check it out. Even if you are not interested in reading my interview, there are a number of fascinating interviews available. I’ve been back regularly since the first time I explored Coffee with a Canine and have completely enjoyed learning about all the different people he has featured. So go on over; I hope you enjoy it!


Sue said...

Wow a fab interview.

Love the photo. Is it Willow?

houndstooth said...

That was a great interview!

There is never an excuse needed to include a picture in a blog! Pshaw! You should know that!

BTW, we have a little something for you on tomorrow's blog!

Winnie said...

How exciting! And what a great interview.

Love and licks, Winnie x

jet said...

"Some of the general traits of the breed – the loving demeanor, the power wrapped inside gentleness, the silliness that appears at the oddest times, the regalness, the grace and beauty, the roaching, the quietness, the joy they get in experience something new."

Love this! Very well said :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I just found your blog as a result of reading Coffee with a Canine! So it is definitely legit. I was shocked as well when he asked if I would be interviewed. Me? The cheese-eating, crappy video-posting girl? Standing next to people like you with amazing photographs? But there you have it. Maybe by the time he realised it was already too late.

I love forward to reading more of your blog in the future. Your dogs are just gorgeous.

jcp said...

Enjoyed the interview! Congrats

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I am WAY behind with my blog reading and have just read the interview. It was awesome. I love the insight you have into your girls personalities and the humour. It made me smile in many places. Thanks. And lovely photos as always:)