Sunday, March 21, 2010


Today has been a day of updating websites and posting blogs. A lazy day with the hounds hanging out on their beds next to me. 3 dogs and 4 beds, filling my tiny living room to overflowing. I’ve noticed they use the additional bed in their own version of musical chairs and are a little put out when it is not available. Willow periodically heads outside for a touch of sunbathing and on her return is coated with dirt. Though I’m not sure how she is finding a big enough patch of bare ground through all the weeds. I have spent every morning for the past 10 days pulling weeds with ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ running through my head and the yard is still buried in them. The only downfall of our heavy rains this winter. Though it does look like I actually have a green thumb. Drusilla is my roach and relaxed enough to pass gas so potent it can blister the paint off the walls. She’s cleared out the house of guests before. She likes when I sit on the couch rather than in the office - less time for her to get up and come check on me. And my overly paranoid girl Breeze - still alert to every sound even when attempting to drift off to sleep. She’s been joining me on the couch lately. Squeezing between me and the pillows, curled up in a tiny ball, head on leg and snoring softly. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

Dru the roach queen

Willow's new coat of dirt - she wears it well.
Breeze - ever alert.

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